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Theatre Cryptid Plushies


**Limited Quantities Available.**

Theatre Cryptids have been sighted!

Get your own little theatre gremlin, La Ropasucia as Morty calls him, to liven up your booth and take the blame for all the goings-wrong and mishappenings!

La Ropasucia sits about 7" tall and is 12" from tip of horn to tip of tail.

Do you or someone you know have paint cans so old they may contain ancient Lovecraftian horrors? Drop the subtle hint that it may be time to cull those old cans with Blorp, the adorable little ancient paint can horror!

Blorp spans the width of the void, and is as tall as the gapping maw of infinity. But the 3 dimensional immersion our universe allows our tiny minds to comprehend is about 12" from top of head to tip of tentacle, 3.5" sitting up, and the tentacles stretch to about 12".

Handmade crochet character plushies by Katmat Designs! Original La Ropasucia designed by Susan Younkins and Spinning Yarns Ent. Original Blorp design by Kate Younkins of Katmat Designs.

Items may vary slightly in size, shape and color. Because the items are hand made individually, production and shipping times may vary.

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